six bike frames mounted three per side on a rectangle of metal to build a new kind of bike rack

Bike Bike rack gives broken bikes a new stationary life

Youth en Route collects donated and salvaged bikes, fixes them up and gets them into schools and places where they’ll be ridden. But if the structural integrity of the frame is compromised, through rust, cracking or dents, the bike frame lands in metal recycling.

Until now.

We wanted to find a use for these old frames, and problem turned into a solution as we also want to increase bike parking space at schools and well, everywhere. We put the two together, and with the design and fabrication skills of Keith Simmons, we came up with our Bike Bike parking rack.

Get your order in!

We are selling our racks – which can be built to fit a custom size or space – for about $1000. All proceeds got to our programs in Calgary Schools.

Email for more information and details.

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