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About Youth En Route

This is a picture of the bike racks at Sir Winston Churchill High School. It’s one of Calgary’s largest high schools with over 2,200 students. On a warm sunny day , we counted just four bikes in the bike rack.

This is why Youth En Route was created in 2021.

Even with COVID-19 reducing bus service and making carpooling unsafe, teenagers aren’t using bikes or active travel to get to school. Why? We want to work with students to answer that question, and work with schools to break down the barriers that mean students are not choosing active modes of transportation to get to school.

And from this picture, we know that having secure storage is one of the barriers.

If your school could use new bike racks, and you want to encourage students to fill them, reach out! We are looking for schools to add to our roster for the 2021-22 school year.

About Us

About our Organization:

Youth En Route aims to break down the barriers that stop students from using active transportation to get to school. It could be lack of secure storage facilities, not knowing the safest or easiest routes to use or lack of basic equipment – wheels, helmet or locks. We will help on all fronts. We will engage to understand the barriers, and then secure funding, partners and provide support to break them down.


Youth en Route champions, inspires and supports active transportation to school and beyond. 


Youth are empowered to use active and independent ways to get where they are going. 

Incorporated on May 11, 2021 as 13008037 Canada Association.
Corporation number 1300803-7

It was registered in Alberta on May 19, 2021 with corporate Access no. 5324493048.

Join us in supporting active student transportation! We always welcome new groups to partner with. Let’s work together on shared infrastructure, ideas and equipment – to make all of our funds go further, and get more kids out of cars and using independent, active and green transportation.

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