Welcome Comets!

Watch this page for lots of good information about riding your bike to school. We are working on providing more security around your bike racks.

If you want information, please visit Outdoor Ed teacher Ms. Issler, she’s the school bike champion!

How far is 5 km?

We’ve created this map to help you understand how far five kilometers is. Where do you live?

Do you know it takes about 15 minutes to travel 5 km on a bike? That means is very often faster to travel by bike than by Calgary Transit.

We want to empower you to be able to make this choice. Take a look at these maps for some suggested routes.

Map showing circle radius of 4 kilometres from Robert Thirsk High school, emcompassing all of scenic acres, crowfoot, most of Royal Oak and well into Rocky ridge and the Hamptons - adjacent communities from the school.
TASC and CSSI students pose for the camera!

Thirsk leads the way with adaptive bike program

Youth en Route has been able to deliver five bikes to special education classes at the school. You might see kids riding in the gym or taking them up and down the elevator in the Learning Commons at they go to ride.

Thanks to Mrs. Karimwabo who sparked our entire Adaptive Bike project.