Forest Lawn High School

Here is our update!

Thanks to our Jumpstart grant, we were able to hire two cyclists in residence to conduct a week full of classes at Forest Lawn High School. 

Stuart Saavedra and Rob Crooks worked very hard for a whole week giving lessons to the PE 20/30 class on how to ride bicycles and how to do quick repairs using their bike fleet.

We had six students who learned how to ride that week alone! And the rest loved the unit. 

We are hoping to keep this going at Forest Lawn HS and to work with ELL students in October. As well as, to do this at other schools!

If you want more information about bikes, see Mr. Anderson in the office. 


Did you know that an average cyclist goes 20 km per hour? That means a 5 km ride, can take about 15 minutes – depending on route, terrain, and waiting for lights at intersections.

It’s often shorter than the bus!

We’ve provided some examples of routes from neighborhoods around your area. Please remember that safety is YOUR responsibility. Know your route, and only ride when you feel confident.

There is improved bike storage at schools, and it’s much more secure now that the racks are in the front lobby, so that is one less concern for the students to have.

From FLHS to:

Infrastructure Report

Brand new infrastructure report for Forest Lawn High School!

Youth En Route worked very hard in collaboration with two graduate Urban Planning students, Nada Affan, and Adam Schwartz to create this report. It offers research findings and actionable recommendations for safer biking infrastructure throughout Calgary. Establishing the right infrastructure is key to creating safe and healthy environments for pedestrians and cyclists. We hope this report will put forward safe biking infrastructure ideas to get to school and spark conversations within communities to make such changes. To know more, read this post!

Theft Video

Theft video into a statement

Youth en Route knows that the risk of bike theft is a significant barrier to students choosing active travel.  The risk of theft is the No. 3 reason for not riding to school, having an average of 60% of students telling us they are afraid of losing their bikes per school. We hope that this video will enlighten all Calgarians on the right ways of securing their bicycles.

Always Put Safety First:

Safety is your responsibility. Please ride where you are comfortable, know your route and always wear a helmet!