Nada Affan and Adam Schwartz authors of the Infrastructure Reports and  Laura Shutiak, the  executive director of Youth En were photographed by Azin Ghaffari at Calgary Herald for the feature on Youth En Route’s findings
See how Youth en Route’s work is impacting communities

October 10, 2023: LiveWire Calgary Darren Krause seeks Laura Shutiak opinion on the implementation of in-street signs on Calgary schools crosswalks to ensure safe active transportation for students to and from school. 

July 20, 2023: Calgary Herald Reporter Hiren Mansukhani  wrote an in-depth feature about the Infrastructure Reports made my Nada Affan and Adam Schwartz, in hopes to spark conversations throughout Calgary and create safer biking infrastructure for students with the help of the Youth En Route’s reports. 

July 17, 2023: LiveWire Calgary Darren Krause interviewed Laura Shutiak, Adam Schwartz and Nada Affan from Youth En Route, as well as Ward 11 Councillor Kourtney Penner about the infrastructure Reports created to develop safe pedestrian and cycling corridor solutions for 10 Calgary high schools.  

May 8, 2023: Laura Shutiak talks to Loren McGinnis of CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener about bike racks made out of old bike frames. 

March 10, 2023: LiveWire Calgary Darren Krause joined us at the launch of our video about preventing bike theft and wrote this report.

Jan.5, 2023: Livewire Calgary Editor Darren Krause follows up on the approved funding for the 5A network. Where will improvements be prioritized? What will be built first. He talked to Laura Shutiak of Youth en Route to get our perspective.

Nov. 15, 2022: Livewire Calgary
Reporter Aryn Toombs visted Forest Lawn High School to see kids riding new adaptive bikes that Youth en Route purchased for special needs classes at CBE schools. His story includes some great pictures.

Nov. 15, 2022: CTV News Calgary:
A bike for everyone! Photo Journalist Kevin Fleming talked to students, teachers and our partners at the Greater Forest Lawn Seniors club to understand the importance of our donation of adaptive trikes to CBE high schools. Use this link to get to the web story.

Sept 27, 2022: Radio Canada
Youth en Route Board Chair Shiv Ruparell spoke (en Francais!) to La Croisee about our work in Southern Alberta.

Sept 22, 2002
Youth en Route chatted with Ted Henley on QR77s Drive home show about our work in local schools. Unfortunately there is no audio link that we can find.

Sept 22, 2022: CBC Online
Journalist Taylor Simmons writes a great overview of Youth en Route and our work across the city, talking to students and administrators to give a great overview of our impact.

Sept 14, 2022
ED Laura Shutiak spoke to host Chris dela Torre about Youth en Route’s new funding from Eco-Trust and what it will mean to our schools and the students there. Again, the show doesn’t seem to be archived into a podcast form or link.

Sept 8, 2022: Calgary Citizen
Reporter Leanne Murray writes about the work Youth en Route is doing across the city, providing the origin story of the organization and really gets at what we are trying to do.

Sept 2, 2022: LiveWire
Our Shift Happens Pack is in the news! LiveWire editor Darren Krause shares all the details about our nifty little fundraising pack. Get yours at B & P Cycle.

July 8, 2022: LiveWire
Editor Darren Krause reports on the Calgary City Council Committee meeting and the potential for more funding for for safe and active routes to school.

July 7, 2022: Calgary Herald
Brodie Thomas watches along and reports about the Calgary City Council Infrastructure Committee meeting, as councillors discuss expanding the active and safe routes to school program. Youth en Route presented at the meeting, and the quotes used are from Laura Shutiak’s presentation.

June 28, 2022: Global News
Great item by Carolyn Kury de Castillo about Youth en Route’s bike rack innovation and the students at Forest Lawn High School that are building them in welding classes.

May 6, 2022: Lethbridge Herald
Youth en Route’s partnership with Winston Churchill in Lethbridge has turned into an integrated learning experience for the School’s Knowledge and Employability Class, according to teacher Katie Nelson.  An excellent feature story  by intern Nicholas Allen

May 2, 2022: CTV News Calgary
Journalist Kevin Green visits a the Bike Shed at the Greater Forest Lawn Seniors Center where a group of bike enthusiasts are fixing up old bikes for our Program Schools. There’s even video of the students at Lester Pearson out for a ride.

Mar 15, 2022: The Sprawl
Writer Kirti Bhadresa does a deep dive into why the easy and obvious choice isn’t always the one made when it comes to getting to school.

March 8, 2022: CTV Calgary news
Videographer Kevin Green went to see Youth en Route’s new, old bike rack being worked on at Forest Lawn High Schools’ welding shop and talked to students at Henry Wisewood using it.

Feb 23, 2022: Calgary Eye Opener
Youth en Route’s Laura Shutiak was a guest on the morning Eye Opener, telling host David Gray about the bike rack innovation and how it will empower students to make a healthy choice to get to school. The segment is in the final third of the podcast.

Feb 21, 2022: Live Wire
Writer Darren Krause captures the needs and benefits of the bike rack retrofit for old-school bike racks

Feb. 20, 2022: Calgary Herald
Brittany Gervais speaks to Youth en Route and tells the story of how the bike rack innovation came to be, thanks to the support of the Arusha Center TAG grant and other donors.

Nov. 23, 2020: Live Wire
A story about the Pilot Project that started Youth en Route on the pathway to incorporation and charitable status.