Crescent Heights High School

We are thrilled to have Crescent Heights as a project school.

The Crescent Wrench is back this year! We’ll have some pics and more details!

For information, please see Mr. Barrett!

Reach out using our Contact Form if you want more information or help to get going.

What is 5 km?

An average cyclist travels at about 15 to 20 km/h.
An average walking speed is 5 km/h. Human-powered scooters can range from 5-15 km/hour.

We’ve done a few maps to help you get on your way:

To C-Train Station downtown

To Cornerstone Youth Center in Mayland Hts

To Capitol Hill

To Coventry Community Garden

Safety is YOUR responsibility. Please know your route and feel safe before you go!

This map of NE Calgary show a 5 km radius from BMHS