The blue circle on this map shows a 8 kilometre radius from Lord Beaverbrook High School. It takes about 30 minutes to ride your bike 8 km, at a pretty relaxed pace.

If you live in Bonavista, Willow Park or Acadia, a bike to school will almost always be faster than taking Calgary Transit.

And the route may not be as challenging as you think. Here are some of our suggested routes.

8 km radius from school
New YER update sits adjacent to old rack at WiseWood.

New bike racks on way!

We’re working with school administration to deliver new bike racks to the school in time for the warmer weather.

Student welder’s in the school’s welding program are updating an old rack borrowed from Acadia Elementary. The addition of the chains mean that you don’t have to carry around a U-Lock. We’ll have padlocks on loan from the office.



Special bikes for PLP classes

Youth en Route has been pleased to be able to deliver two bikes to special needs classes.

Watch for these students to start riding outside soon. Bike riding is for everyone. It’s a great way to get around.