Bishop McNally High School


We are thrilled to have Bishop McNally High School as a project school.

Collaborating with schools is an essential part of our approach to community initiatives, and we’re thrilled to have McNally students and teachers as part of our team. Their help was invaluable in completing our video grant application!



Did you know that an average cyclist goes 20 km per hour? That means a 5 km ride, can take about 15 minutes – depending on route, terrain and waiting for lights at intersections. It’s often shorter than the bus!

Do you fit in this distance range? Check out this school’s 4 km radius on the map to the left to find out!

We’ve provided some examples of routes from neighbourhoods around your area. Please remember that safety is YOUR responsibility. Know your route, and only ride when you feel confident.

Bike Club

At Bishop McNally, teachers Mr. Scott and Mr. Lawrence have started a fantastic bike club that’s already making a difference in the community. Not only do they organize group rides and meetups to fix up bikes, but they also have a collection of bikes that students can borrow to participate.

We’re thrilled to support this initiative, which promotes healthy living, environmental sustainability, and community involvement. But we’re not stopping there.

To make it even easier for students to choose biking as a mode of transportation, we’ve installed a giant map on the wall. This map is designed to collect feedback from students about their routes to school, highlighting any broken connections or unsafe streets that need attention.

By working together, we can ensure every student has a safe, enjoyable, and sustainable route to school.

Mark your route map!

Check out our Grant Video!

Wayfinding Resources