Bishop McNally High School

We are thrilled to have Bishop McNally as a project school.

McNally students and teachers helped us complete our video grant application.

Bike Club Room

Teachers Mr. Scott and Mr. Lawrence have created a really neat bike club. They go on rides, and meet to fix up bikes. There are even bikes to borrow!

We’ve put a giant map on the wall to collect feedback about your route to school. We want to make sure that broken connections and unsafe routes or streets are fixed to make it easier for more students to choose riding to school.

Mark your route map!

What is 5 km?

An average cyclist travels at about 15 to 20 km/h.
An average walking speed is 5 km/h. Human-powered scooters can range from 5-15 km/hour.

So how far is your journey to school? If it’s 4 km, you could do that in 15 minutes.

Compare modes on your google maps just to see.

Want an idea?

Riding your bike from any where inside the circle should take about 20 minutes – depending on the route. Watch for information coming soon to help you choose a route.

Safety is YOUR responsibility. Please know your route and feel safe before you go!

This map of NE Calgary show a 5 km radius from BMHS