Welcome Falcons!

Here you’ll find resources and information aimed to help you to choose Active Transportation to get to school.

We’ve got maps showing you how to get from feeder communities, how to lock and more!

Riding to school might be easier than you think!

Red dot is James Fowler High School

The circle shows an eight kilometre radius from the school. Most cyclists can ride at 20 kilometres an hour – so this means an 8 kilometre rides is usually about 30 minutes.

Consider where you live in relation to the school?

Is there a safe and accessible route for you?

We’ve created some suggested maps that might help you choose a route.

What’s happening at Fowler

Fowler Welding students are re-working the old bike rack

The school’s bike program is going full wheel ahead!

Youth en Route has donated 40 bikes and helmets to the school. Teachers are gearing up to to get PE 20 and 30 students riding in classes in the spring. Many student are excited to start riding.

We shared some data from a student survey in a Blog Post in February.

Bikes being delivered to the school
YER volunteers on way to Fowler with a load of bikes