Dr. E.P.Scarlett High School

Our first project school
EP Scarlett bike rack

Welcome Back Lancers!

Last year, we surveyed students, created maps and worked to inspire and support students to use active transportation to get to school.

But our work isn’t done.

We want to help all the new Grade 10s understand the benefits – including the simplicity and independence of getting to school under your own power. Whether that’s by bike, scooter or just walking.

Take a look around. Here you’ll find maps and helpful information to get you going. We are sorry about having to move that old bike rack out again, but we are hoping a new bike storage solution is coming soon.

Reach out using our Contact Form if you want more information or help to get going.

Choosing your route


An average cyclist goes 20 km per hour. That means, a 5 km ride, can take about 15 minutes – depending on route, terrain and waiting for lights at intersections.

It’s often shorter than the bus. We’ve provided some examples of routes from neighbourhoods around Scarlett. Please remember that safety is YOUR responsibility. Know your route, and only ride when you feel confident. Learn more, or click the maps below for sample routes.