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Are you a parent on a school council?

A teacher at a Calgary or southern Alberta High School?

Youth En Route is applying for a grant for funding to run an active transportation program at southern Alberta high schools.

  • What you get:
    • Comprehensive engagement to understand the barriers your students face when trying to use active modes to get to school.
    • A detailed infrastructure report, compiled with lots of community input, to help guide future road, pathway and crosswalk improvements.
    • Suggested route maps for students, bike education including riding, safety, maintenance. We’ll help with whatever you need to get students active and independent.
    • Great opportunities for leadership, calm or PE classes to get involved in a range of ways that connect to curriculum.
  • What we need from you to make the project a success:
    • Ability to make presentations and engage parents through School Council
    • Ability to engage a group of 20-40 students to get sense of school prior to a Student Transportation survey.
    • Student leaders: Who want to take on this project– not necessary, but really helps.
    • Teacher or Admin Champions – not necessary, but really helps.
    •  We can work with you school goals and teacher needs to plan a project that works for your school.

Contact us if you’d like Youth En Route at your school next year. We would like to have 20 schools signed up by the end of June to be ready for the start of school in September.

Support Us

The more help we have, the more we can get into schools and do this work.

We are looking for volunteers! Are you interested in:

 Active Transportation infrastructure?

            Biking and bike routes?

We will have an interesting role for you.

At each school we want to create a community task force to explore routes and find barriers and issues. We’ll map, and build them into our infrastructure asks.


Money opens doors and allows us to do more. Please consider a donation. We hope to achieve charitable status in the future to allow us to offer tax incentives.

Donations in Kind

What are we looking for?

Locks, helmets, lights, bike equipment, saddle bags, cold and wet weather gear.

Safety equipment like vests.

Spare parts, tires and bike repair equipment.

Please reach out using our contact form!

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Have questions or need help? Use the form to reach out and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.