Youth en Route at Pearson

Have you dropped by the display in the learning commons? Take a look at consider your travel options.

We are now at the stage where we want you to consider what it would take, or what you need, to try getting to school on your own power. We are working to make it easier for you – so tell us what you need. If you are interested in urban planning and placemaking, reach out. You may be interested in our upcoming project with Sustainable Calgary.

Map with radius from school
Map of Lester Pearson with 4 and 8 km radius marked, It takes about 20 minutes to bike 5 km.

Check out a lock

No lock? We can help. We’ve started a Lock Library at Pearson. You can borrow a lock at the main office. Use it at school or work. Don’t forget to get your bike registered on Bike Index too!

Teachers learn too

We were thrilled to work with Bathtub Bikes to get Pearson teachers ready to teach some basic bike maintenance in PE class. Also, nice to have the PE bikes get a tune-up!

Reach out using our Contact Form if you want more information or help to get going. Or go talk to Ms Clark in PE for more information.

Looking better?

We’re working on this!

Pearson’s old bike racks look new again!
Welding students at Forest Lawn High School updated the racks with YER’s design that makes them much more functional.

Use the chain with a good padlock – it saves buying and carrying a heavy chain or U-Lock.